National Newspapers - Gayton does not have a village shop and so daily newspapers cannot be purchased directly within the village. A newspaper drop off service is offered by Blisworth Stores and Post Office, with the papers being left at a number of locations in the village for collection. Deliveries are made by 7.00am Monday to Friday and up to one hour later on Saturday and Sunday.

They deliver newspapers and magazines at 3 drop off points, in bulk, in waterproof plastic boxes and each box contains a list of names and the newspapers/magazines they have ordered. The drop off points are:-

  • St Mary's Court
  • Outback (the house next to Fiveways)
  • High Street
  • You can place your order with Blisworth Stores and Post Office who are open Mon-Fri: 7:00-13:00 and 13:30-18:30, Sat: 8:30-18:30, Sun: 8:30-12:30. The telephone number is 01604 858205. They require payment in advance at least weekly and there is a delivery charge of 5p per newspaper or magazine.

    Local Newspapers - The Northampton Chronicle and Echo can also be delivered by Blisworth Stores and Post Office. It is possible to have The Chronicle and Echo delivered directly in the afternoon and you can subscribe to this service by visiting The Chronicle and Echo website.

    Village Newsletter - Gayton has a well established local newsletter that is published 4 times a year and delivered to all households in the village. Further details can be found on the main Gayton News page

    Broadband – Broadband has been available in Gayton since January 2004 and can theoretically provide speeds of up to 8Mb/s (realistically about 6.5Mb/s). Almost 70% of villagers have access to email with two thirds of these having broadband access. The telephone exchange for Gayton is located within Blisworth village and as there are physical restrictions to the distance between a property and the telephone exchange in order to receive broadband, it’s worth checking your own property details on the BT website which can be found at

    This website is for BT Wholesale who do not supply broadband services directly and instead sell capacity to a number of different suppliers. A list of suppliers can also be found on this site and its worth shopping around to get the best deal as many suppliers have certain restrictions such as the amount of data that can be downloaded per month or the speed that data can be downloaded at.

    Please note that the maximum speed is limited by the physical connection between Gayton and the Blisworth exchange so please ensure that you don't pay for a line speed that can never be achieved in practice.

    Supplier pricing comparisons can be found at many sites such as, or

    Public Telephone – Gayton has a public telephone box situated on High Street near to the Fiveways junction. This is still contained within the traditional red public telephone box.

    GSM Mobile Phone – Most mobile phones available currently use GSM. Gayton is well served by the different mobile phone companies, allowing a good reception to be picked up within the village, both outside and inside the home. This includes services with longer range frequencies such as Vodafone and O2 as well as the shorter range services from providers such as T-Mobile and Orange.

    3G – 3G networks allow a much larger amount of data to be transmitted to the phones, supporting features such as video calls. Gayton is not currently well covered by the major networks for 3G with both Vodafone and O2 indicating that 3G coverage is sporadic or non existent at present, but is scheduled for coverage in the future. The network “3” on the other hand is indicating that the village has top level coverage for its service enabling video calls to be made.

    4G – 4G is the latest generation of mobile phone network and is currently in the process of being introduced nationally. Given that 3G is only just starting to reach some parts of Gayton, it will be some considerable time before 4G is likely to be available locally.

    You can check mobile phone network coverage here ->

    Gayton no longer has its own local post office; the nearest Post Office is located in the nearby village of Blisworth. Details can be found on the Post Office page.

    To send mail a postbox is situated on Bugbrooke Road, close to the school house; this has recently moved from its previous position on High Street.