A Neighbourhood Watch scheme has been in existence in Gayton for many years and with the support of the residents will continue indefinitely.


  • Chairman - Julie Wood
  • NHW Street Wardens
    • Joan Adams
    • Richard Akers
    • Jens Buus
    • Pat Byrom
    • Phil Hand
    • John Knight
    • Rita & Rod Poxon
    • Barry Steer
    • Linda Trusler
    • Joan Wood
    • Julie Wood
  • Police Liaison Officer - Joan Wood.
  • We are accountable to the residents of Gayton.


  • That the risk of crime is ever present.
  • That the residents wish NHW to continue with its objectives.

The questionnaire revealed several areas of concern. The key areas with the percentage of residents expressing a view are shown below.


  • House burglary
    • Information, warnings, guide lines through Gayton News
    • Tell neighbours when going on holiday
    • Leave keys with a neighbour
    • Keep doors locked, even when in garden
    • Fit secure locks to doors and windows
    • Fit door chain
    • Install a burglar alarm
    • Install security lighting
    • Be on your guard against distraction burglars.
    • Keep look-out for strangers in the village
  • Vandalism
    • Defacement of village hall reported to police by NHW. Police came to the village and reprimanded those responsible.
  • Theft from out-buildings
    • Shed alarms have been widely offered. These are also suitable for garages and various out-buildings.
  • Theft from cars
    • Warnings given to lock possessions in the boot and keep doors locked.
  • Theft of cars
    • Warnings given to keep car doors locked.
  • Theft from gardens
    • Very few incidents reported. Shed alarms may prevent some garden thefts.
  • Drugs
    • Drugs hotline publicised. No other action taken.

Residents are kept informed of NHW issues by emails issued by Julie Wood, NHW Chair.

In order to tackle the above causes for concern, the questionnaire produced the following responses:

  • A special constable in the village - 57%
    • An entry advertising for a volunteer to be sent for inclusion in the Gayton News
    • Request more frequent visits to the village by police and Police Community Support Officers.
  • More street lighting - 50%
    • The police confirm there is no evidence that improved street lighting results in a reduction in crime (most burglaries take place in daytime) so this is not really a crime issue. Home security lighting is more of a deterrent. This Item has therefore been referred to the Environment Action Group.
  • Crime prevention/home security via NHW - 42%
    • The police say that the intruder alarm is the single most effective deterrent to house burglary and accordingly, street wardens will undertake a burglar alarm survey of the village. They will also promote the use of shed alarms for out-buildings where appropriate.
    • Theft from vehicles - The availability of security tax disc holders will be established by JK.

Criteria for Success
The plan will be considered successful if the residents are satisfied with what NHW is doing in its effort prevent and thereby reduce crime. Criminal activity, although not excessive in Gayton, will always be with us. There is, therefore, no completion date for this plan.