These are ongoing issues, requiring the continuing vigilance and attention of the parishioners and their representatives. The Environment Group will seek to establish programmes that can be repeated on a regular basis and which will yield initial concrete results within 18 months of the groupís first meeting on 28/4/2003.

Environment Action Team chairman - Barry Steer is accountable to the Parish Plan Steering Committee (SC).
Countryside and Public Footpaths team leader - Stanley Watterson.
Roads and Pavements team leader - John Addison.
Keeping Gayton clean and tidy team leader - Joan Wood.
General environmental projects team leader - Bob Woodcock.


  • That we will be supported by a sufficient number of volunteers to carry out the programmes we initiate.
  • That we will receive the full support and help where necessary of the Parish Council (PC) and the SC.
  • That funds will be available where necessary.


  • Countryside and Public Footpaths:-
    • Members of the Rights of Way team at the County Council will address a Gayton public meeting in August on how they can help improve accessibility to our public footpaths.
    • We will encourage the establishment of a Walking Group to survey our footpaths and to improve them, using materials offered by the County Council Rights of Way team.
    • The definitive map of Public Footpaths in Gayton will be displayed in the village.
    • We will encourage the Walkers to write a series of articles about our public footpaths for the Gayton News.
  • Roads and Pavements:-
    • We will investigate ways and means of bringing political pressure to bear on the County Council to improve the state of our roads and pavements.
    • John Addison will join the Midshires Villages Group, a pressure group whose role is to lobby local councils on such matters.
    • We will urge the PC to become more proactive in writing letters to the SNC requesting action and seeking to identify funds which could be allocated to improve our roads and pavements.
  • Keeping Gayton Clean and Tidy:-
    • We will establish 2 litter collection days per annum, one in March and one in October. Volunteers will be provided with appropriate clothing and tools, some of which can be sourced free of charge, some will have to be purchased. We will arrange for SNC to pick up the litter bags. Insurance cover for volunteers will be provided.
    • We will petition the SNC, through the PC, to provide additional litter bins. We will look at the cost and viability of providing dog waste bins.
  • General Environment Projects:-
    • We will conduct surveys of the environment in and around Gayton to identify areas that could be improved.
    • We will conduct a survey of street lighting, consider the need for additional lighting and investigate the costs.

Criteria for Success

  • Countryside and Public Footpaths:-
    • A walking group is set up and makes full use of materials provided to improve and repair signposts, stiles etc.
    • A survey of the environment in and around Gayton is conducted, "grot spots" are identified and proposals to deal with them are implemented.
  • Roads and Pavements:-
    • We see some real improvement in the state of our roads and pavements.
  • Keeping Gayton clean and tidy:-
    • Two litter picking days per year are firmly established, well supported by local volunteers.
    • Additional litter bins are set up and regularly emptied.
  • General Environmental Projects:-
    • Areas for improvement are identified, recommendations formulated and implemented.
Gayton Parish Footpath Survey 2004 - Carried out in May and June 2004 by members of the Gayton Environment Action Group.
Gayton Parish Footpath Survey 2008 - Carried out in November 2008 by members of the Gayton Environment Action Group.