To be completed by 2006.

Gayton Parish Plan Chairman, Garry Keal, in liaison with South Northamptonshire Council will promote the scheme.


  • The demand for affordable Housing in Gayton is exemplified by responses to our questionnaire as described in our Parish Plan Issues Report, which was published in March 2003.
  • The scheme will receive the full support of SNC, who will guide the Parish Council throughout and promote the scheme


  • Invite Shaun Fielding from the Rural Housing Association to describe the initial steps for securing an Affordable Housing programme at the Parish Council meeting on September 8 2003.
    Also, to see if Gayton is an appropriate village for the scheme (available land etc.).
  • Approach SNC for their support and the determination of the rest of this programme.

Criteria for Success
The completion of an Affordable Housing scheme comprising six units.