This will be an ongoing action with immediate start and no defined completion date. It is expected that the detailed aspects of the work will change over time.

The team leader is Jens Buus (jbuus@btinternet.com)
Assisted by John Shaw (joloshaw@tesco.net).
Additional team members are:
Ros Billing (post office)
Peter Foster (pete_foster40@yahoo.co.uk)
Bernie Morton (Bernie@ABMData.co.uk)
Rita Poxon (rita@poxon.me.uk)
Lois Shaw (joloshaw@tesco.net)
Mark Sage (sagema@btinternet.com)

Specific tasks will be delegated among the team, and reports will be provided to the Steering Committee.

Some of the issues dealt with by the team were high on the list of Key Issues identified in the village questionnaire, with the future of the Post Office and Gayton News both being in the top 10. It is assumed that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future. It is also assumed that the use of the internet will continue to increase and that it will become an even more important resource for information and tool for communication. The village directory may be a printed sub-set of the contents of the web site.


  • Work to date:
    • Attending meeting organised by Northampton School for Boys (NSB) on 16/6/03 on help with the setting up of village web sites.
    • Registration of web address.
    • Inaugural meeting of the team organised and hosted by John and Lois Shaw on 26/6/03.
    • Short statement of work supplied to the Summer edition of Gayton News.
    • Action plan prepared (this document).
    • Outline web contents prepared.
  • Having established the team the coming activities include:
    • Watch developments regarding the status of the Post Office and take action as required.
    • Help to secure the financial viability of Gayton News.
    • Define contents and start collecting information for the web site and the directory.
    • Start work on web site and set up maintenance group, in collaboration with NSB.
    • Work with the Parish Council and Gayton News to get information on the web.
    • Help to secure enough registrations to get the Blisworth exchange ADSL enabled.
    • Look for alternative broadband access if necessary.

Criteria for Success

  • The team will regard its (initial) work as a success if by the end of 2004:
    • The future of the Post Office seems certain.
    • Gayton News has solid finances.
    • A web site has been set up.
    • A village directory has been printed.
    • Gayton has broadband access.