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Many villagers attended the Echoes of Angels son et lumiere in St Mary’s Church last September. This was a very successful event, and it was completely sold out. Afterwards the idea arose to create some kind of recording, and we have now teamed up with a professional production company to do just that. The result is a DVD containing some of the music from the performance as well as the historical material about the Church itself. This was a quite expensive project, which has been made possible by private donations and support from the Parish Council.

The recording took place on Sunday 25 March.

The DVD is now ready for sale, and we hope that many villagers will buy copies for themselves as well as for use as gifts to friends and family. The price has been set at a modest £10 per copy.

The printed material accompanying the DVD contains a list of all supporters and subscribers.

To hear a short sample from the DVD, please click here.

Jens Buus, Rita Poxon, Anna Fox, Manja Ronne

Started buying your Christmas presents yet?

I know it is early, but why not solve your problems by giving the Gayton DVD to your friends and family? What could be more suitable for Christmas?

Echoes of Angels

Rita Poxon presents the History of Gayton Church with Fiori Musicali providing the musical accompaniment.

The DVD costs £10 (with p&p: UK £1, US £3.50, Australia £4)

available from

Rita Poxon or Jens Buus


Echoes of Angels DVD