The Constitution of GCHT was adopted on May 4 2005, as amended on July 28 2005.

Registration with the Charity Commission was completed on September 1 2005.

Named Trustees and appointed Officers at February 2 2016 were:-
Anna Fox (Chairman), John Shaw (Secretary), Joy Ayre (Treasurer), Martin Church, Karen Cooper, Elaine Footit, Tony Footit, Peter Foster, Liz Jell, Astrid White

‘To preserve and maintain the fabric of St. Mary’s Church, Gayton, as a place of worship and as a communal centre for the benefit of the Parish’.
  The Gayton Church Heritage Trust (GCHT) has now been approved as a charity by the Charity Commissioner, the registration number being 1111145.

The final objectives, as agreed with and by the Commissioner, are:

`The Preservation, repair, restoration, maintenance and/or improvement for the public benefit of the fabric, major fittings and ornaments of the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Gayton, Northants, its churchyard and ancillary buildings, together with the provision of such additional facilities to enhance public worship and community use of the church as the Trustees shall from time to time determine.’

Current and Reserve accounts have been arranged with National Westminster Bank, The Drapery, Northampton.
Signatories: Martin Church, John Shaw, Joy Ayre.

  The Trustees of the GCHT, registered charity number 1111145, are now actively seeking contributions for the modernisation and preservation of the Church of St.Mary the Virgin, Gayton, Northants.,England. Anyone wishing to make a one-off donation or regular donations to support this long-term project is invited to complete the appropriate form and send it to Joy Ayre, The Treasurer of the Trust. Your involvement will be much appreciated.

Download forms:

A model Charity Commission Constitution has been adopted - ‘Model Constitution for a Charitable Unincorporated Association’, in which the following agreed principles have been stated. These have been written as far as possible to conform with wording recommended by the CC.

The overall objectives of the GCHT shall be:

  1. The maintenance and protection of the fabric of the Parish Church of St Mary The Virgin, Gayton , Northants.
  2. The maintenance of the churchyard and other facilities integral to the said Parish Church.

The specific objectives will include;

  1. To promote, for the inhabitants of Gayton Parish and the general public, the provision of facilities for recreation for social events which are open to everyone. The proposed GCHT will protect the future of these facilities and activities by the preservation of the church and churchyard.
  2. To promote observance and understanding of religion by ensuring that the church and churchyard are not closed through lack of financial resources, thus continuing to provide a place for worship and spiritual reflection.
  3. To advance public education by ensuring the continuity of a forum for the promotion of lectures, seminars, discussion groups, historical and botanical research within the church and churchyard and their use by students of the local Church of England School. This will include support for both existing and new specialist groups: campanologists, historians, botanists, zoologists and others.
  4. To promote for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the church (a Grade 2 listed building), and the churchyard (an area of botanical significance), by ensuring their continuity through adequate funding.
  5. To promote rural regeneration through the activities related to the first four specific objectives, thus attracting significant numbers of parishioners and the general public.

The activities will include:

  1. Initiating, developing and organising activities which will sustain and expand the use of the church as a community facility.
  2. Developing a close and a supportive working relationship with the Parochial Church Council.
  3. Informing parishioners and the general public, on an on-going basis, of the objectives, activities and progress of the GCHT.
  4. Fund-raising
    • To seek “one-off” donations from parishioners and the general public to the GCHT funds.
    • To approach and encourage parishioners and the general public to undertake covenants supporting the GCHT.
    • To initiate, organise and implement money-raising activities – concerts, recitals, presentations, social evenings, sponsored walks and the like - both in the church and within the Parish.
    • To investigate and approach relevant funding organisations for grants.

The work carried out so far has laid a solid foundation on which we can build in preparation for the 800th anniversary of the church in 2006 and to safeguard it for the future.

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* In late 2010, it was decided that a "Liaison Group" would be formed to enhance the co-operation of the GCHT and the Gayton Parochial Church Council (GPCC). This group consisted of, and still consists of, the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of GCHT and GPCC and it has been highly successful. Most of the business of GCHT is carried out by this group, of which there have been thirty-three meetings (at (November 9 2015). Minutes are taken for meetings of this group and are available on request.

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