Gayton Neighbourhood Watch has been operating since 1994 and its main objective is to make Gayton a safer place in which to live. It aims to help residents protect themselves and their properties, and in co-operation with the police, to reduce crime and the fear of crime in the community.

Regular meetings take place:-

  • to review any criminal activity in the village
  • to review police crime statistics
  • to discuss ways of improving residents awareness of crime
  • to discuss various crime prevention measures
  • to consider improved methods of communication to residents
  • to take other steps necessary to help fulfil its aims and objectives.

Every area in Gayton is covered by a voluntary ‘street warden’ who is responsible for communicating information to residents on his/her ‘beat’. Equally, he/she is available to help with any problems that might arise.

Police messages are sent by email to the Gayton Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and are circulated to street wardens and residents where appropriate.

An e-mail list is kept of people wishing to be alerted to current scams or who wish to be informed of any police messages concerning crime in our area. Anyone wanting to have their name added to this list should contact Richard Akers (). Please be assured that your address will not be revealed to anyone else as all messages are sent individually as blind copies.

Street Wardens. See list below.

All residents are encouraged to keep a lookout for any suspicious characters or vehicles seen around the village and to report them to the police (or if appropriate, to their street warden).

Towcester Rural Safer Community Team are working on establishing three community priorities in each beat area. These will then be worked on by the team over a twelve week cycle. We need you as the community to inform us of issues that are currently affecting the area where you live. If you have any issues please inform your own Street Warden, or alternatively contact:

PCSO 7041 Jen Harrison |Police Community Support Officer |Towcester Safer Community Team
Towcester Police Station, Watling Street, Towcester, NN126DE
Tel 101 | Ext 344275
Email Address
CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800 555 111
Call anonymously with information about crime
Follow me on Twitter @PCSO7041

The latest newsletter for the Towcester Safer Community Team can be found on the South Northants/Towcester page of the above website. Click here to access this page directly and then view the Latest Updates.

Property Marking Systems
Neighbourhood Watch have special marker pens available for residents to write their post code in a hidden position on valuables to help the police identify and return property in the event of it being stolen. The mark which is only visible under UV light can be written on most valuables, particularly TV, computer and general electrical goods, also vulnerable items such as lawn mowers and other expensive garden equipment. The fee is just 50p to borrow a pen and UV torch light. If you would like to go ahead, contact your local NHW street warden who will provide the pen and torch.

A more sophisticated, hi-tech system is the SmartWater Strategy, which is used for permanently marking goods and property. A small trace or the material is applied to any item of property and it invisibly marks it and and can only be detected under a UV lamp. It is also unique in as much as every single kit has its own "DNA" so any stolen property is common only to your property and that kit is registered on a database only to you. Warning signs and labels are included with each kit.

Please click here for more information.

The Church Roof is Alarmed
The Church Roof is now alarmed with a sound and strobe system. The sound speakers situated in the Tower are directed towards Milton Road. The Strobe Lighting is directed towards Milton and Blisworth Roads.

If activated both these systems will come into operation. The sound is similar to a police car siren and will sound for 2-3 minutes. The strobe will continue until it is re-set. The siren will re-start if the roof area senses another human on the roof. Birds, leaves etc. will not trigger the alarms.

Action if Activated
The Alarm Company will contact the Church Wardens or two named GCHT members - also known as the Local Response Team who will if necessary call the Police if the intruders are still on the premises.

Any queries please contact the Church Wardens. Telephone numbers can be found in Gayton News or on the Gayton Church website page under Services -> click here

Correct use of the 999 Emergency Service

As many as 6 out of every 10 calls received by the Northampton Police Communications Centre are either malicious or hoax and these are not only wasting valuable police resources, they are also potentially putting lives at risk. In addition, a high proportion of the remaining calls should have been made on the non-emergency number, not 999.
Each 999 call has to be treated professionally and thoroughly. The call handler can waste valuable time trying to establish whether or not it is genuine - in the meantime a real emergency could be waiting.

When to call 999

The obvious emergency is if a life is in danger or someone is being physically threatened. Or if you are witnessing a crime happening at the time, or you think the offenders are still nearby - then you should ring 999.
Other emergencies involve road traffic collisions. If you witness or are involved in a serious traffic accident where someone is badly injured, or where vehicles are causing obstruction or danger to other road users, then call 999.

... and when not to

For incidents that don't fit the emergency criteria described, call the dedicated local Neighbourhood Watch number 01604 888964, or alternatively call the national number 101. For example, if your car is stolen or broken into; or you arrive home to find you have been burgled and there is no sign that the offender is still in the house or nearby, it doesn't merit a 999 call.

Non-injury accidents

Serious injury road traffic collisions are emergencies, but many collisions don't need to be reported to the police at all. Minor traffic collisions that are 'damage only' do not have to be reported as long as drivers exchange details at the scene. If someone receives minor injuries then you are required to report this to the police and produce a certificate of insurance within 24 hours. But do this by calling the non-emergency number above or by calling in at a police station front counter during opening hours.
Only in cases of real emergency should the ‘999’ number be used. For other contact numbers, see below:-
Police Community Beat Officer
James Harvey
Towcester Police Station
Watling Street
NN12 6DE
Tel: 101 ext 344291
Police Community Support Officer
Jen Harrison
Towcester Police Station
Watling Street
NN12 6DE
Tel: 101 ext 344275
Victim Support - 0845 3030900
Samaritans - 0845 909090
DAN. Doorstep Crime Action Network - 0345 2307702
National Drugs Helpline - 0800 776600
Crimestoppers - 0800 555111
Trading Standards - 0300 126 1000
Consumer Direct - 08454 040506
NameemailAddressArea CoveredPhone
Joan AdamsNo email25 Hillcrest RoadHillcrest Road859416
Richard Tiffield RoadTiffield Road859813
Jens Buusjbuss@btinternet.comThe Birches, 6 Baker StreetBaker Street859253
Pat Byromwestgatehouse@aol.comWestgate House, Eastcote RoadWestgate House & Goggs Farm859355
Phil High StreetDeans Row858291
John KnightNo email10 Milton RoadMilton Road858644
Rita, Park LaneHigh Street & Park Lane858562
Rod, Park LaneHigh Street & Park Lane858562
Barry St Mary’s CourtSt Mary’s Court858886
Linda House, Eastcote RoadEastcote Road858220
Joan Woodjoanwood8@btinternet.comLinthorpe House, Back LaneBack Lane, Bugbrooke Road (north side), Banbury Lane & Fitnels Farm858800

* = temporary street warden - if anyone wants to offer their services please email Richard Akers as above

 Shed Alarms: Please click here for more information.

 Personal Attack Alarms: Please click here for more information.

 SmartWater: Please click here for more information.

The main aim of a Dog Watch scheme is to create a partnership between the local community, police and the local authority. The scheme is a great way of building community relations and working together with the police and the local council to reduce the fear of crime and to improve the quality of life in your area. As a dog walker you will be out and about at all times of the day and can contribute to addressing quality of life issues in Northamptonshire. You can be the “eyes and ears” of your community. Northamptonshire Dog Watch
As a dog walker you will have more time to be observant, look at the environment and actually take notice of what is going on around you. You will also notice if something is out of place or unusual as you use the same area every day. Dog walkers also have a common interest and will often walk together and talk, so there is an opportunity to pass on information. It is a simple idea and a great way to get community involvement in policing your own environment. The scheme is open to all walkers, with or without dogs.

Ring Northamptonshire Police non emergency number: Tel. 101

To report any of the following, you can ring South Northamptonshire Council on 01327 322322 or send an e-mail to If you want to send a photo of what you are reporting please use the above email address. Please say exactly where the problem is, so that it can be dealt with.

Dog Warden: 01327 322322. For advice on a range of issues including barking dogs, stray dogs, dangerous dogs, dog fouling and the enforcement of Dog Control Orders.

For abandoned vehicles contact 08456 121999 or

Ring Dog Watch Co-ordinator for free member's pack. Tel. 101 Ext 5724

For more information and enrolment form go to