Gayton is served by a number of different public transport operators each providing a different service. These are:-

  • A community bus service that is run for Gayton and Tiffield and provides journeys between Northamtpon and Towcester.
  • A regular public bus service that runs through the village between Northampton and Towcester
  • The Gayton and Tiffield Community Bus provides services to Northampton and Towcester and is run by volunteers. Further information about this service including the timetable and pricing can be found on the Gayton and Tiffield web page
      Gayton is served by a regular bus service (route 87) that runs between Northampton and Towcester and is operated by Country Lion.

    The service calls at a number places on route including Tesco Mereway, Rothersthorpe, Dalscote, Eastcote, Pattishall, Foster Booth, Astcote, Duncote and Greens Norton.

    The fare between Gayton and Northampton is currently 1.70 for a single and tickets are available as returns. Travel is free for persons holding a bus pass AND travelling at off-peak times - i.e. Mon - Fri (9.30am to 11pm), week ends and Bank Holidays; outside these times the full fare is payable which unfortunately applies to both morning buses from Gayton.

    Listed below is the current timetable for the route. Not all services call at every stop and so for more detailed information on the other stops, please click on or call Traveline on 0870 608 2 608.

    Please note, no services operate on Sundays or Public Holidays.
    Route (87) Greens Norton - Gayton - Northampton
    Depart Greens Norton (High Street)Via GaytonArrive Northampton
    Route (87) Northampton - Gayton - Towcester
    Depart NorthamptonVia GaytonArrive Towcester (Square)