The regular day for refuse collection in Gayton is TUESDAY.

There may be somewhat slightly different arrangements around Christmas and New Year, deviations from the usual day will be advised by South Northants Council.

Gayton is now covered by the twin bin recycling scheme which means that two sets of wheeled bin/recycling box must be put out for collection on alternate weeks with each set allowing for different types of recycling/rubbish to be collected.

The twin bin scheme includes a green wheeled bin and recycling box and a black wheeled bin and recycling box. The Green Wheeled Bin allows for garden waste with the Green Recycling Box holding paper and glass. The Black Wheeled Bin is for general rubbish which cannot be recycled and composted and the Black Recycling Box is for plastic bottles, cans and foil.

For more detailed information about what to put into the bins, please click on Wheeled Bins for information on what goes in the wheeled bins and Recycling Boxes for what can go in the recycling boxes.

The weekly collections alternate between the green bin/box and the black bin/box. To review the calendar of collections click here.

Recycling Summary
Glass BottlesQueen Victoria Pub,
Sixfields/Towcester, Tesco
CansQueen Victoria Pub,
Sixfields/Towcester, Tesco
Plastic BottlesSixfields/Towcester, Tesco
NewspapersQueen Victoria Pub
Motor OilSixfields/Towcester
Car BatteriesSixfields/Towcester
Shoes/ClothingTesco, Sixfields/Towcester
Electrical GoodsSixfields/Towcester
Green Garden WasteSixfields/Towcester
Clean CardboardSixfields/Towcester
General WasteSixfields/Towcester

Although most items can be recycled using the twin bin scheme there may be times when items need to be disposed off which cannot be included within the bins provided or where your have too much to recycle in one go. The following information provides details of the local recycling facilities within and around Gayton.

Gayton has a local recycling facility in the car park of the Queen Victoria Pub on High Street. This facility can accept paper, cans, clear glass and green glass.

Northants County Council has a recycling facility on the Old Greens Norton Road in Towcester and another at Sixfields. The opening times are:

April to September
   8.00am - 20.00pm Weekdays, weekends and Bank holidays
October to March
   8.00am - 18.00pm Weekdays, weekends and Bank holidays

Note that the Towcester site is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sixfields is open 7 days a week.

There are recycling facilities at both Tescos and Sainburys supermarkets accepting glass bottles, cans and charity recycling for clothes, shoes, books, etc. Tesco also accept back their carrier bags for recycling.

Collection of bulk items (e.g. old fridges) can be arranged through South Northants, either using telephone 0845 2300226 or online. Alternatively these items can be taken to Sixfields or Towcester recycling centres for proper disposal.

Anglian Water encourage customers to recycle their household fat waste rather than pouring it down the drain or putting it in the bin. Instead they offer a free "fat trap" in association with the RSPB that can be used to make a bird cake for the garden. Click here to get your free fat trap.

Despite having local recycling and waste facilities, rubbish is still dumped illegally in the countryside around the village. If flytipping waste is seen, it can be reported to the council who aim to remove it (from the highway) within 2 working days. Abondoned cars can also be a problem and these can be reported for removal on 0845 121 999; please note down the make, model, colour, registration and location where possible before reporting it.

To help keep the village tidy a number of litter picks are organised during the year and all equipment including tabards, gloves, picking tools, and plastic bags are provided. Watch out for the date of the next Litter Pick within the Gayton News or on the home page

One persons waste is another persons treasure. Remember that many of the local groups in the village such as the School and the Church regularly collect bric-a-brac for sale in fetes and jumble sales. Rather than simply discarding something you no longer want, if it still has a useful purpose, consider keeping it for the next collection. Look out for these within the Gayton News, this website or a door drop. Alternatively, use a site like to find someone locally who could make use of your item.

Although garden waste can be included within the Green Bin for collection, certain other things cannot such as cooked kitchen waste. For non-meat based kitchen waste a composter can be used which will allow you to convert it into useful compost. The council has a special offer to allow for the purchase of composters at a reduced rate; click here for further details.

For more information contact:

Environmental Services
South Northamptonshire Council
NN12 6AE
Telephone: 0845 2300226